Finger Sprint

Finger Sprint Free 1.3

Run as fast as you can - with your fingers


  • Fun for a couple of minutes


  • Limited gameplay
  • Poorly presented
  • Just one distance to race

Not bad

They say that there's no accounting for taste, and that's certainly true when it comes to iPhone apps.

Finger Sprint is one of the most popular apps on the iTunes App Store, and yet it's also one of the most pointless. The object of the game is to 'run' as fast as you can with your fingers, i.e. tapping them on the screen as quickly as possible.

This free version of Finger Sprint comes with just one track, of one meter in length. You simply start tapping to begin and the track moves backwards underneath your fingers, counting down the distance to the finish line along with the time elapsed. What you quickly come to realize is that it's easier to post fast times if you just scroll one finger up and down the screen rather than adopt the traditional finger-running motion.

Finger Sprint is good for having a bit of fun challenging your buddies in the bar, but the novelty runs off pretty quickly and you will probably have installed it after just a few goes.

It may be ahead of the pack in the popularity stakes but if we're talking about quality, Finger Sprint would be one of the back markers.

Changed navigation Tested with OS 3.0


  • Changed navigation Tested with OS 3.0
Finger Sprint


Finger Sprint Free 1.3

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